Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

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These laser engraved dishwasher magnets are so helpful in the kitchen! Never forget if those dishes inside are ready to load or unload! Great for kids!

Comes with strong magnet on the back, easy to change, simply rotate to indicate clean or dirty.  Made of maple or walnut. Measures 3.5”. Magnet comes attached.

New designs!  Scrabble Tiles and Dogs Licked 'Em.  The Dogs allows for personalization - only have one dog?  Enter "Dog" into the custom box.  Want your dog's name?  We got you!  Just enter the exact spelling and we'll get it cut for you.  Makes an awesome and helpful gift! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kurt Flubacher
Weak magnet

It's a nice looking magnet, and the magnet works...but the magnet is not very strong. I gave it to my parents as a Christmas gift, but felt bad later when my mom told me she had to glue more magnets on the back of it because it kept sliding down the dishwasher.

N Silva
Wish the magnet was stronger

It’s a nice magnet but it drags down and does stay on the dishwasher. Maybe if you added an extra magnet it would stay up on it.

Vicki Saxton

Had to replace magnets they were so week they would’nt stick to anything

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