Cowboy Hat Dad Keychain - Wholesale

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This is all about SENTIMENTAL!  Their hero has created a lifestyle and memories that will impact them for generations.  You'll bring them the perfect momento to celebrate the million tiny moments that all add up to HIM!  Treat your customers to this one of a kind design they won't find anywhere with Made in the USA quality that can't be beat.  

Want this to say "Grandpa" or "Pop" or any other name? This product allows you to enter an optional custom message or name with a ten character limit. Please double check the spelling on all names and/or messages. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN BECAUSE OF INCORRECT SPELLING

Made of maple or walnut wood and measures 2.5” by 1.3”

Each comes with the 1” key ring attached

 *Please note that the protective paper will be attached on both sides upon delivery. Remove the paper to see the wood color.