Snow Globe Shaker Ornament

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Who says you can't freeze a moment in time? Keep this ornament for years to come to remember the stages of life your kids (or grandkids!) were in. You pick the size, style, and the characters for a unique and one of a kind ornament that will be become a family memento. 

Step 1- Pick your family size. The 3.5 inch ornament can hold up to 14 characters. For larger families, select the 4.25 inch ornament to hold up to 25 characters. Need it even bigger? Send us an email to

Step 2-Pick your style! Keep it blank, or have 2023 or Our family laser engraved on the front.

Step 3-Pick your characters! Choose any amount from 1-15 for the 3.5 inch size and up to 25 for the 4.25 inch style. Simply add the character name to the custom order box. Want 10 cats? We can do that too!

Example-M1 W5 G8 G9 D23. For multiples of the same character add the character number as many times as needed. Example-M1 W5 G8 G8 G9 D23 D23 D23

Step 4-double check you have everyone! The characters are sealed into the ornament, therefore we cannot add anyone once it has been sealed. This is your time to double and triple check you didn't forget anyone!